Thursday, January 14, 2010

January's Club Meeting

Wow, what a turn out for the January doll club meeting! I had a blast and I am so excited about the round robin! It was great meeting so many new people. The show & tell was amazing - so many talented doll artists; my head was just buzzing with ideas and I will be in my studio all day working on some new dolls.

I just can't express how much this club has come to mean to me. Having other artists to gather with, and share ideas - does so much for my soul! I thank you all for the gifts you are giving to me. See you in Febuary ~ Cynthia


  1. I was so excited after meeting all of you I couldn't sleep all night. I am so impress with the talent and feel much honored to be a part of "club". Can't wait till next month...have a creative week!

  2. A great posting, Cynthia. You are sooo beautiful and photogenic.!! Your enthusiasm shines through, too. It was a good meeting and am so excited by the new people showing up. This ought to be a good and creative year.