Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on June Doll Club Meeting

Once again we had a great Meeting with 10 people in attendance. Amy was the only member not here, she was off having fun in California with her family.
We welcomed a new gal to our group her name is Carolyn, she also comes with great credentials.

We all showed off are class dolls, pin dolls, mini class brooch & mini class kimono from CIFI along with our Challenge Dolls with their Blue Ribbons that we were so proud of. We shared our stories from the conference except of course what was said in the car on the way to conference because what was said on the way to Albuquerque stays in the car. We know each other so well we have to stay friends forever for fear of what was said will be repeated if we part ways.

We talked about our club goals and about yearly Membership Dues. We talked about wanting like minded artist's in our doll club those with a spirit of giving and sharing.

Cynthia made a wonderful photo frame for Cindi and I in remembrance of our fantastic time at CIFI and the Laughter we all shared.

July 14th is Shiva Paint Demo, Cynthia will be sending out supply list and don't forget we share if we don't have all the supplies needed.- New Location

August 11th is Shrink Plastic Doll Necklace, Susan will bring a sample to our July meeting so we can see what it looks like.- New Location

September 22nd is our 1 year anniversary and we will be having a party/meeting. I will send out separate emails with all of our date & location changes. Remember to put together a brown paper bag with supplies to make a doll, put your name in the bag when we get to the meeting we will be putting a number on your bag and giving you the other half of that number. Do not lose that number or show it to anyone because when you choose your paper bag you DO NOT want to choose the number we handed you. Bring back the completed Christmas gift/doll to our December Doll club meeting/party, when you return the bag put the name of the person on the outside of the bag, or better yet box it and wrap it in Christmas wrap.
Remember whatever you put in the bag is coming back to you in the form of a doll.

November 5th & 6th is the unveiling of our Round Robin dolls/party at Cindi's house. We will talk about this more in the coming months.

I'm sure there is more to update on, Cynthia will probably fill in the rest.
Slide show to follow as soon as I figure it out.


Last Spring Dennis and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens here in Phoenix to see The Nature of Glass, Dale Chihuly art sculpture exhibit.

This was his first exhibit in an outdoor desert environment.

It was 107 degrees, hotter than the hinges of hell or what I think hell feels like having never been there. The exhibit was spectacular and worth it. It was our own fault we should have gone earlier in the season. If we had we would have gone again to see the exhibit in the evening, because they light up the glass sculpture at night.

All the glass sculptures were mixed into the desert landscape they truly looked like they belonged there. The colors, imagination, craftsmanship and the incredible talent…WOW!
I would recommend if one of his exhibits is ever in your area, it’s a must see.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The wonders of our world

We, not our outer circumstances are the catalysts for the quality of our lives. Not then, not now, not ever. I have this quote (no author) written in a small journal and very time I read it I am reminded that I control my life...I choose to become angry or joyful, sad or happy....productive or lazy. Today I walked outside into our wonderful front yard. 72 degrees at 6:00 a.m. and the sun just peeking through the trees. I got my camera to keep this moment in time for me and others to see the wonders of our world. No matter what is going on around us...we have choices. I choose to see beauty today and let the rest of the planet make up their own minds.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 2010 Meeting

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Cynthia shows off one of the necklaces made by one of the Fabric Floozies talented members, Susan Feldkamp. The club members try hard to encourage each others, as will as buying from each other.
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CIFI in Albuquerque NM 2010

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