Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Round Robin Guidelines


1. Everyone wishing to participate should bring a completed cloth body/torso, in a bag or box, to the January meeting.
A good size is 6 to 7 inches from top of neck to the crotch.
The doll will be going from person to person and growing so think of that when you box or bag her/him

2. Include a journal with your name clearly evident that will travel with the doll.
Each person will add to the journal as well as the doll while you have it. Think creativity.
Writing, pictures, artwork, a story are all acceptable for inclusion in the journal

3. It is each participant's responsibility to get the doll and journal to each club meeting so it can go to the next participant.
If you can't make it to the meeting get it to someone else who is going to the meeting. This is very important to keep all dolls in rotation, where they should be and completed on time.

4. Add such things as arms, legs, a head, draw and color the face, hair, garments, accessories, beading. Don't get carried away and do too much but not too little either.

5. Do your best work. Remember that someone else is doing their best on your doll.

6. When the last person gets each doll it is her responsibility to make sure the doll is completed before it is returned to its owner.

7. Don't show the dolls. Keep them concealed in the bag or box. No peaky!!!

After the list is made you will give your doll to the person after you on the list. Every month you will pass the doll in your possession to that same person. The person at the bottom of the list passes to the person at the top. This way you always know who you pass a doll onto and each doll will be worked on by all members. Don't deviate from the order or there will be a mess.

At the end it's fun to have a coming out party and get to see each completed doll for the first time. It really gets exciting.

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  1. I am looking forward to meeting new friends at the Fabric Floozies Doll Club.
    Cindi Phelps