Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recap of December 9th Doll Club Meeting

Okay, here goes this is how I remember the meeting! We all had fun and six of us were in attendance
We all shared, Mary was working on doll ornaments, Susan, on a beautiful necklace and a pink beaded doll for one of her other groups, I love Susan's beaded dolls they feel so nice to hold. Deborah is working on a doll from Patti Culea pattern and doing a great job, Cynthia brought in some wonderful books that she found at the half price bookstore. I can hardly wait to go and check that bookstore out. It's on Southern by Fiesta Mall. Cynthia is also making some dolls and patterns so she can teach at JoAnn Fabrics. Yvonne made two very darling dolls for her grandchildren. Yvonne also shared with us all the round robins she has done along with the wonderful journals that go along with each doll. Oh almost forgot to mention Yvonne jackets they were beautiful. I showed everyone my new line of dolls The Fabulous Floozies, I am having so much fun making them. They make me laugh every time I get one finished and figure out what she is saying. Its the kind of stuff I would love to say but never would because of that Catholic Italian background. My dad is probably turning over in his grave. LOL
I know there is alot more that we discussed but I will let you girls fill in the gaps for me I need to sew!

Next meeting January 13, 2010, Bring a Torso for our Round Robin and a Journal. Theme is New Beginnings!

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