Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy fairy wings

I use organza or any other sheer and fun fabric.

1. Using a fairly lightweight wire bend a wing shape that you like leaving some wire where you twist the ends together.

2. Lay it on top of your other wire and make another wing that matches it leaving extra wire to use to attach the wings to each other and/or the doll.

3. Laying the wire wings on foil or plastic wrap apply glue to all of the wire.

4. Gently lay your organza fabric onto the glued wires.

5. At this point you can apply glitter if you choose.

6. Turn the fabric, attached to the wires over, and once again place glue on the wires and apply more glitter.

7. When they are dry just cut them out close to the wire and glitter or cut them out leaving a half inch or so and burn the organza using a candle to make another look to your wings.

Now you can add more glitter or whatever you want to finish the wings. Just remember you want them fairly light weight.

8. If you're making a fabric fairy you can push a hole into the back of the doll and into the stuffing. Glue the twisted wire and push them into the doll in whatever position you want. With clay fairies you can use other methods of attaching the wings.

These are super easy so have fun!!!

More difficult tutorials will follow.

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