Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 12th Doll Club Meeting

Another great meeting! I just love this group. The gang going to CIFI was all a-buzz about getting ready for the conference. Rose shared the polka-dot bags that we'll be using at the conference, and asked if anyone else would like to purchase one. Very cute bags by the way, and I don't think it's too late to let Rose know if you want one. $9.72 each! I think the colors are pink/green, brown/aqua, black/pink, but ask Rose to find out for sure.

Rose also shared that she will be selling purse hangers at the conference that say "I'm a Fabric Floozie!"
There were some very cute embellished hats, that were a part of the May challenge. I think the best news was our dear friend Susan was back after her surgery and seems to be doing very well! We missed you Susan!

The workshop was run by our very own Moon Goddess aka Cindi Phelps. She taught us how to make heirloom lace hair, using several different tools & a sewing machine. She demonstrated ones you can buy and she showed how to make one using anything from a coat hanger to wooden skewers! I learned a lot!!!

Next months workshop is on using Shiva Paint sticks for doing faces. I will publish the supply list when I get back from the conference!

Also, the June challenge is to decorate your tin that Rose gave us last month. Kudos to Amy and Deloris for already having theirs done!

Hugs to everyone!


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