Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RECAP of Upcoming Doll Club Meetings

Here is a little follow up on whats going on in the next few months.

August 11th: Shrink Plastic Doll Necklace Meeting, $5.00 member/guest fee still applies.
Location: Amy's House, Noon, Bring a dish if you want to.
Amys address to follow.
Time: NOON-

I am attaching a photo of the shrink doll necklace so you can refresh your memory to what it looks like. I will order the shrink sheets from Lucky Duck, oh nuts I mean Squirrel.
Supplies needed: Bring any stamp or stamp ink that you may have, chain, jump rings, beads, little feet if you want.

September 22nd: Our 1 year anniversary and we will be having a Meeting/party $5.00 member/guest fee still applies.
Location - Yvonnes House address to follow.
Yvonne and Diane are hosting, no need to bring food.
Time: NOON-

Remember to put together your supplies to make a doll, put your supplies and your Name in the Red Bag when we get to the meeting we will be putting a number on your bag and giving you the other half of that number. Do not lose that number or show it to anyone because when you choose your Red Bag you DO NOT want to choose the number we handed you.

Bring back the completed Christmas gift/doll to our December Doll club meeting/party, when you return the bag put the name of the person on the outside of the bag, or better yet box it and wrap it in Christmas wrap and put it back into the red bag or use the red bag as your wrap with some tissue.

Remember whatever you put in the bag is coming back to you in the form of a doll, and if the person who gets your bag chooses not to use all of the stuff in your bag you will get back that stuff too.

October 1st: Need your completed Breast Cancer Fund Raiser doll
MORE EXCITING NEWS to follow on this subject.

October 13th: $5.00 member/guest fee still applies.
Location: Amy's House
Time: NOON-

November 5th: The unveiling of our Round Robin dolls Meeting/party, $5.00 member/guest fee still applies.
Location: Cindi's house, address to follow.
Time: NOON-

Nov 5th will be doll club meeting day since we will not be having a meeting on Nov 10th. We will be having our unveiling of our Round Robin dolls that day. Any other business will also be discussed, show and tell etc.
We will have a surprise fun project also.
Cindi's hubby Steve and probably my hubby Dennis will help with the cooking, I think Dennis will be the bartender thou.

Nov 6th- Cindi's house, Some ladies will be sleeping over, Some ladies will be driving back for a second day of fun NO $5.00 fee for this day. Cindi will be teaching tiny shoes so if you have a doll you want shoes for bring that doll with you.

December 8th- Christmas Doll Exchange Meeting/Party, $5.00 member/guest fee still applies.
Location: Rose's House

Rose (aka the Dollie MaMa)

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